This couple was visiting Charleston and thought that our stained glass would be a great addition to make a 'wine corner' in their home.  We agree!

This couple used three of our Turkish, lime-washed olive jars to accessorize their mantle. 

The tryptic vary in scale and height, for visual variety, and they can even move them to the hearth for a change.

Sometimes accessories need to move around periodically to maintain their visual "freshness!"

This 1905 door has been updated with brushed stainless barn sliders, adding a vintage element to this bedroom.

Our antique casement window made a perfect frame for a beach house on Pawley's Island.

These doors from a 19th century French armoire were used to make an impressive pair of mahogany front doors.

This ornamental garden gate worked hard in the 19th century protecting its garden space, now its delicate curls will adorn a piazza wall as decoration only.

This surround is highly ornamental and yet the rusted finish helps to coordinate the piece with the rough fireplace interior.

This young couple used our 1905 redwood door casing to make a rustic frame for a favorite painting.  They celebrated the character of the recycled wood and original color to coordinate with the theme of the artwork, making the frame a wonderful addition to the painting that it surrounds.

The right planning can make the most of your garden, sometimes with just a few elements and a good eye on the big picture.  These large olive jars in cast stone from our yard give a great sense of scale in this walled garden.

These oversized store doors now glide on barn-sliders to give some privacy to a study in Mount Pleasant.

Old doors and shutters are a perfect way to add interest and character to your home,  whether used as a headboard, or perhaps mounted on barn sliders.

Customer Projects Utilizing Our Products.

These doors, with their great original hardware, were utilized in a restaurant renovation in Mt. Pleasant with stunning results.

This customer utilized a pair of our piazza doors to make a alternate entrance with a great sense of presence, loaded with personality,

This customer started with our Three Cherub wall fountain, and took it to a whole new level with the pavers, brick, and plantings.

This decorative iron summer screen and surround was repurposed with a 19th cast iron fireplace to give a wall with a sealed fireplace a new sense of focus in the room.

In a herculean effort, one of our customers hung a massive mirror that we had made from over 200 year old antique, heart-pine handrail from one of the Pinckney mansions downtown, paired with antique glass.  We'd had it made to hang either horizontally or vertically, but had always displayed it as a leaning floor mirror. Though 5' x 7,' it looks perfectly proportioned in its new home!

The imagination of our clients is our best testimonial.

Architectural Antiques & Design

This Legare Street fireplace has found a new home in a freshly renovated older home.

An avid gardener used symmetry and large scale to create a classic Southern garden.  He married a cast stone fountain with a newly built in ground pool as the centerpiece and flanked it with our Rococo Griffin Urns.  The twin 19th century window guards he purchased to give support to new espaliered trees.

This family purchased old schoolhouse doors from us to create privacy, without blocking the light.  Note the snowflake glass around the perimeter panes, but the 'Principal' panel in the center was to allow the principal to look in and see if the class was misbehaving.  When open, the reclaimed wood paneling gives an added dimension to the back of the diffused, as well as the clear, glass panes, making the doors as interesting open as they are closed.

This fireplace was a little more primitive with straight lines, and was the perfect size for the renovation of this workman's cottage.