Let a 'Green Man Plaque' protect your  patio.

Middleton Marsh Plaque

​​​The Romance of Antique Reproduction cast stone can add a touch of  elegance to any garden.

Whether you are your garden designer, or if you are working with a garden designer, let us provide your hardscape.

Chubby Bunnies add a sense of whimsey to your yard.

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Architectural Antiques & Design

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Olive Jars can add height and focus to your landscaping.

Let our cast stone inspire​

you for your own garden.

The company we carry is also the licensee for both The Historic Charleston Foundation, and the Biltmore Collection, and their specialty is to find antique pieces which are either one of a kind or have fallen out of copyright and to reproduce them in cast stone.  We also sell antique and vintage garden decor.  When thinking of urns, statuary, plaques and fountains for your home, stop by to see our assortment.

Cast stone has all the durability of concrete, and yet because the

aggregate is pulverized quartz, 

mixed with sand and Portland cement, it can capture all the detail of antique originals made of marble, lead or terra-cotta.